Where to meet your driver at Boston Logan airport:


  1. Terminal A: Pick up at the Arrivals level, outer surface lot area. Once you get your Luggage just go out and cross Two Traffic-lanes to the outer surface Parking lot.

  1. Terminal B: Ones you get your luggage  (Ground Level), please exit From Door B 101 or B 113 and cross to the parking garage, your driver will meet you inside the terminal B garage. Driver will enter the garage and queue up in designated areas.
  2. Terminal C: Once you get your luggage pick up at the departure level (2nd flour), outermost curbside.
  1. Terminal E: (International Flights) pick up at the Arrivals level, outermost curb area, once you get your luggage just go out and cross two traffic-lanes to the outer surface lot the left parking lot would be the limo stand.